I, dear reader, should be the object of your envy. Why is that you ask? Well, that’s because I’m currently dating one of my favorite cam girls. Yes, that’s right. I somehow fooled her into thinking that I’m more than an average looking guy with a video game addiction. And do you want to know how I did that? Well, I’m going to share the steps I took in order to put myself into this powerful position.

No, I wasn’t consciously trying to woo this girl… it just happened, but my feeling is that if you put in a little effort and somewhat follow in my footsteps, you too can find love on InstantChat!
Here’s a rough outline of what I did to swindle this girl into falling for me for reals:

1. Make an account on a cam site

Obviously, you’re going to have to join a cam site! You can totally creep from a distance on most cam sites, but you’re going to want to make an account so you can join in on all the fun that the chat might have in store.
Most accounts are free!

2. Be funny

When you’re in the chat you’re going to notice a lot of guys shouting filthy things via their keyboard or sending explicit gifs… You could do that, or you could humanize yourself and be funny in the chat.
This shows that not only are you in it for the boobs, but you’re a normal guy!

3. Be nice

This is super important. Nice people are definitely going to stand out amongst the crowd. Especially, when the crowd is mostly gross dudes bitching about how she won’t take her top off or do anal immediately just for their pleasure.

If you’re going to ask for something tip, if not just be nice and enjoy the show.

4. Throw some money around

Speaking of tips… you should definitely make yourself known by throwing a little money around occasionally. This will show that you’re interested in her and are interested in supporting her. Even if your tip is only enough for a cup of coffee that’s still something!

5. Ascend to a mod

If you’re around enough and have had enough interaction with this girl, you’ll probably be made into a mod sooner or later. This means it’s your job to protect her from all the creeps in the world. (Sounds a lot like a boyfriend or a bodyguard right?)
So arise to that expectation!

6. Get her private number, Snapchat, or Skype account

It shouldn’t be too hard to get her private details if you’re her friend! She trusts you enough to be a mod, right?

Make sure to strike up funny conversation in the Dms before asking for this… or you could cut corners and just buy her Snapchat!

7. Fall madly in love

Okay, I can’t really detail how this happens… The stars just have to align but I feel that this happens more often than not! It’s just not publicized because it might ggive all the creepy dudes in the chat false hope.
Good luck, dude!