Free 45 Day Evaluation

How does this work?
Will I lose my data if I put it in BEFORE I buy the software?

How does this work?

Here is the opportunity to Try BEFORE You BUY daycare software for your childcare center.

1) Download your fully functional copy of Daycare Manager by clicking HERE
    a) If you need help click on Download Instructions

2) Install Daycare Manager on your computer
    a) If you need help click on Installation Instructions

3) You may now begin your 45 day free evaluation of Daycare Manager.  You may even erase the sample daycare information (The First Good Church on the Block) and start entering information from YOUR daycare.  You will NOT lose your information.  IF the software does not suite your needs, you may delete it from your computer and you have lost noting.  IF the software is what you want to use for record keeping at your child care, click Here to purchase a one time site license key which will unlock the time lock and allow you to use Daycare Manager forever.

Will I lose my data if I put it in BEFORE I buy the software? The download able demo version of  Day Care Manager found on this web site contains sample data.  It is there in order to help you quickly and easily see the software and what it can do for your day care. Once you have become familiar with the system you may then deleted the sample data files.  From the Main Menu, you may click on Controls and then click on Delete Data Files.  Follow the instructions and Delete the Sample Data.  The system will remove ALL children and family units data from the system.   The

  • Options Control File
  • Relationship Types
  • Telephone Types
  • Classes
  • Accounts Types

files are NOT deleted.  You may modify these files and descriptions to fit your daycare.  When you order Day Care Manager, you will be issued a site license key which will turn off the 45 day time lock.  None of the data which you have entered will be lost.  You will also be sent an install copy of Day Care Manager, consisting of two install diskettes and complete installation instructions.  These are shipped in the event that you should ever need to reinstall the software.  Should you need to reinstall the software, please read the instructions carefully.